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ALL of our soil comes from decaying organic matter.   MagicbioSoil is aerobically composted organic residuals, mostly food residuals.  

Obviously the soil upon which the Leaning Tower of Pisa was built was not able to support the building.  Clearly the type of soil wanted under a building is very different than the type of soil we want for growing plants.  Just the same,  the Leaning Tower of Pisa  emphasizes the need to take care of the soil first. Make the soil appropriate for the use.  Landscaping calls for soil rich in organic matter and beneficial micro-organisms.

Plant performance, is the real test.  The eggplant plant shown to the left was part of our research growing in 2006. While the seed package said the plants grow to 18 - 24" tall, at the time this picture was taken, the plant was 44" tall  It was growing in 100% MagicbioSoil.

Soil as a Micro-environment:

    Healthy soil for growing plants is loaded with soil microbes.   In fact... a teaspoon of healthy soil contains over 600 million soil microbes, over 14,000 different species of soil bacteria.  These soil micro-organisms are responsible for nutrient cycling and suppression of many plant diseases.

Magic Soil is a great way to restore life to the earth.

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